Media Rights

GLVC owns or controls all media rights to any and all GLVC postseason events (i.e., postseason tournaments and championships), as well as regular season events that are considered as part of an established Conference schedule. As such, the Conference can elect to transfer ownership or control of selected events to its member institutions and/or transfer distribution rights to a designated third-party. These rights include television (live in delayed), radio broadcasting, Internet streaming, IP-TV (OTT), commercial photography, and any other present or future form of electronic or print reproduction on or representation of GLVC events.


The GLVC shall have the authority to negotiate and enter into agreements for the distribution rights to all GLVC events, as described above, so as to maximize the revenue potential and to ensure a relatively equal distribution of revenue, as well as exposure opportunities, for all of its Conference members. Member institutions are precluded from unilaterally negotiated rights to GLVC events without prior written authorization from the GLVC. Any Conference-wide agreement for distribution rights reached with a third-party shall include a clearly delineated protocol with respect to the manner in which the rights to any particular event are relinquished thereby transferring production and/or distribution rights to individual institutions.

Questions? Please e-mail or call the Great Lakes Valley Conference at (317) 237‑2105.

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