GLVCSN Extra CreditThe GLVC is committed to using the GLVCSN as a resource to provide students learning opportunities and on-the-job experience on all 16 campuses and at GLVC Championship events.

The GLVCSN Extra Credit initiative offers students with interest in broadcasting, production, staging, sports information, print media, digital media, and social media an opportunity to gain complete control of the GLVCSN coverage from start to finish.

GLVCSN Extra Credit began at the 2015 GLVC Basketball Tournament by allowing eight students from five member institutions to take over the GLVCSN coverage for two games. In 2016, the program boasted 12 students from seven GLVC schools.  View the 2016 GLVCSN Extra Credit Storify account HERE.

Off the court, GLVCSN Extra Credit expanded in 2016 to offer students broadcast opportunities at the GLVC Baseball, Men’s Soccer and Softball Championship Tournaments this past spring, while engaging the Saint Joseph’s football student-athletes in the GLVCSN Extra Credit Experience at the GLVC Football Kickoff event over the summer.

During the 2016-17 academic season, the GLVC will launch its GLVCSN Extra Credit Student Ambassador Program, which will seek one student on each campus to assist the Conference office with promoting the GLVCSN in a number of ways, such as:

  • Brand Awareness:  Wear supplied GLVCSN T-shirt on campus and to all events.
  • Recruitment:  Staff an information table on campus and distribute GLVCSN flyers/T-shirts to interested students.
  • Marketing/Promotions:  Coordinate and manage “GLVCSN Night” promotions at one volleyball, football, men’s basketball, and women’s basketball game this season.
  • Social Media/Communications: Receive access to GLVC’s @GLVCSN Twitter account and create GLVCSN-specific tweets, videos, and pictures.
  • Assessment: Work with and provide feedback to GLVC staff, Athletic Director, Sports Information Director or GLVCSN “Faculty Champion” on campus.

Furthermore, in an effort to both recognize and incentivize students for the hours they contribute to GLVCSN operations on campus, the GLVC will create a “Credit Hour” Appreciation Award that will be presented at the end of the year.

  • Black Level: 200 Hours/Year
  • Blue Level: 150 Hours/Year
  • Green Level: 100 Hours/Year
  • White Level: 50 Hours/Year

For more information on the GLVCSN Extra Credit initiative, or if you have an interest in becoming a GLVCSN Extra Credit Student Ambassador, e-mail us at